Anderson .Paak


I guess I gottda kill these n***as once again
I asked wrecka man damn what you recommend
He say do these n***as in you know you built to win
I leave this earth in box
Can’t let em box me in
Make ya b*t*h have panic attack Klonopin
I am the terrible lyrical miracle passionate in every variable
I feel like god when compared to you
I feel like Nas hate me now that's what you plan to do
Ima stack annual 6 foot cannibal and when comes to
I mean ya reach is not as tangible i kno some n***as that really
Split ya canalope you think sick you
I’m not convinced I got the antidote
Put game full Nelson and the yoke
She give the brain sh*t
I feel like hannabil you acting like a gent but you really just a damsel tho hear them shots bet they scramble like they Rambo tho


Wit all that faking and lying you's a cutie pie get ya self a suit and tie you getting crucified
This that if you don’t get out the way n***a
f**k it n***a move aside you get shot for crossing lines like suicides I be outside ya crib wit the Freddy cougar smile\

They be Ooooohhh he making music now
n***a you's a clown all the flows sh*tty
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