Amid Vultures

Enterprise Earth

I kneel by the bedside and bow my head, murmuring a prayer in dread
Either there is no god or god is dead, was this all part of the plan?
To leave me here, amid the vultures? Picking out the eyes of a broken man?

They think they're better than me, so afraid of heresy
Eradicating every divergent strand until they come together and make a stand

We stand on the earth divided, we cannot resist, we cannot fight it
Guided by the light of desire. We cannot resist, we cannot fight it

The vultures perch on my chest, tearing my flesh, using my bones to make a nest
They think that they follow a leader, on their knees, sucking the d**k of the reaper
Feeding them lies as he shoots his load into their eyes
They’re always begging for more, slurping up the c*m like worthless whores
Guided by the light of desire, fearing the kiss of a corrosive fire
Rip out my tainted eyes, feed upon my skin
Regurgitate my flesh into your children's mouths, regurgitate my flesh
I'm the food for the new generation, the new generation

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