(Yeah, I missed you)

Yeah, I missed you
Missed your call (Heh)
Yeah, I was out with the homie tryna find just something
And we spend all this time tryna give my day to the sunrise, to the sunrise
All these bills get paid when you stay right here inside (Mhm, yeah, uh)
I heard you pu**y ass *****s, you keep talking to the [?] (Uh, yeah)
And your main girl won't just get above my (Mhm, mhm)
But how I [?]? I've got a lot of different ways to call you
But we ain't been in touch so long, I know we need a different view

And you're still in tune with me through all my ways
And I'm still upset with the lack of love, I miss you
Don't ask me if it's taken, just tell me
Just tell me (Yeah, yeah)

(Yeah, I missed you)

I've been on a low
Cause you want me, we don't see the same way anymore (Yeah)
Honestly? I try my hardest to give everything
With so much potential in all what we could be
Was something special but you wanted more (Yeah, yeah)
All I just wanted was one thing (All I wanted, all I wanted)
But I'm not waiting around for something that ain't gonna change (Yeah)
Yeah, I fell deep but still landed on my feet
Cause life throws you things as you slowly figure out what you need

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