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Drew Monson


[Verse 1]
I miss someone I don't know that well, know that well
There was somethin' in the room that I can chase somehow
Now we're waitin' for a moment we don't know that well
And we'll save some words for moments that are hard to tell

[Verse 2]
I miss someone, I don't know them, but I'm closer now
With a hand to hold, I'll wipe away my brain for now
Does it change it if I touch right here and move it down?
The extent of which depends on parents out of town

I can hear your fears, it's amazing, for now
I feel my brain come back and I'm closin' you out
Separation pains, I'll depend on your crowd
Oh, oh

[Verse 3]
I miss somethin' from the start but I can't place it now
Both can sense in the room but there's still touch allowed
Every time it feels distinct but it's the same somehow
(?) monuments will soon become avoided, how

I can feel your brain, it's depending so loud
Watch you fall away and I'm closin' you out
(Oh, oh)

I've become I'm someone I don't know that well, know that well
You're just a picture and a name and he's a di*k somehow

Can he feel you with the door closed since we're older now?
Who the f*ck does that make me to even think about?
I can't help but pass your house, I wanna leave this town
Or just distract myself with someone I don't know that well

Will it fade away for him or is it different now?
It doesn't matter 'cause I love you or I hate myself

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