Project Dreams


Mello made it right

n***a, I was down bad, now I'm on a jet for real
Got all this ice on me, baby, told my Patek to chill
Sippin’ on this codeine, my baddest b*t*h is on X pill
I want a couple million without a record deal
Got 25 thousand on me, when I've been ridin' in a Phantom
Got all designer on me, b*t*h, I’m so fly it don't matter
I wanted to feel the V12 when I was ridin' in Atlanta
Been sippin' good sh*t all day, I'm damn near high as my Phantom

[Verse 1]
I got three b*t*hes with me, they want the baguettes on their neck
b*t*h, I was made inside the projects, I got Crip on my set
n***a, I was really on the floor, then I woke up in a jet
Ain't never had to dodge no n***a, I just might cop Demon
I'm shoppin' at Neiman’s, ballin’ every season
Feelin' like I’m dreamin', shinin' every weekend
All they know is that I was broke, then I got a brand new coupe
Louis V's on my shoes, f**kin’ all my b*t*hes by the twos
First time in V12, she was hangin' out the roof
My VVs ice cream, I ain't even have to scoop
Got the whole universe in my ceilin', I'ma set the mood
I seen his main b*t*h lookin' at my neck, ooh

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