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"Thinking Of You (Radio Edit)"

[Intro: Zachy BeanPole]
It's your BeanPole
Mello made it right, uh

[Verse 1: Zachy BeanPole]
Look, this has got me freakin’ crazy
Livin' like it's lies, but why are you so hated
For your voice, for them saying you’re tryna copy Billie Eilish
What the heck is going on? Can you please tell me, wait, it's
About to be half past five and I still haven't left yet
Guess I'm gonna stay over, guess I'm still tryna save it
Some need love, well I've got plenty
And I gave a hundred twenty
Percent to all my fans
Cuz they say I'm hecka crazy, yeah

[Chorus 1: Zachy BeanPole]
He really let you down
I just wanna pick you up
You really had to learn that
And this stuff is really goin' up
Cuz I need you, yeah, I need you
And it’s harder when I’m thinking of you

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