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I didn't know Marshmello could make a beat that hard, man

God sat me down and told me, "Youngin', you the one"
Givenchy, Louis, BAPE, the only thing, I'm from the slums
White gold, Presidential, maybe I should run
Still get 'em by the ton, sixty-five three times a month
Bag, what you doin'? Baggin', baggin'
2020 plan, wrote that b*t*h n***a my cash
I'm a savage (Hoe), savage, savage
Heard I f**ked her friend, she keep callin' me a savage
She gon' suck 'cause she nasty
Once I f**ked her I be laughin' (f**k off)
We will never meet again, only thing I eat is tens
Bag, what you doin'? Baggin', baggin'

[Verse 1]
After everything I gave how you tell me I ain't fit?
All the money that I made, that was 'posed to keep us lit
Hoes was out here suckin' d**k (Hoe), I was tryna pay her rent (Hoe)
I was tryna pay the, I was tryna pay the rent

All my youngins takin' hits, 1800 for a mix
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