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Payroll Giovanni Lyrics

Payroll on a Payroll! (2020)

Great Lake Ruler (2019)

King of the Hill (2019)

No Validation Necessary (2019)

Under Rated (2019)

4-1P (2018)

Aktive (Deluxe) (2018)

The Vault (2018)

42 for Life (2017)

Biggs Campaign (2017)

Cosign by the Streets (2017)

In The Moment (2017)

Prince of the D (2017)

Still Business (2017)

Woodward Ave (2017)

5 EP (2016)

Not Guilty (2015)

Beastmode (2014)

Breaking All The Rules Vol.1 (2014)

My Turn (2014)

#ItsThaWorld EP (2013)

Boss Yo Life Up Gang (Artist: Young Jeezy, YG, & DBCO) (2013)

We Run The City Vol.3: Chances Make Champions (2010)

We Run The City Vol. 2: Floodzone (2009)

The Smartest

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