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"Troubled Future"

[Verse 1: HYDRA]
Yeah it’s the trio sucka
Comin out on top once again
With some knowledge
So light the chronic
Behold the mission
Don’t miss it
This is the age of new tradition
Just Listen
Well its the 2019
And still ain’t nothin changed
This world is headed towards destruction
Nobody can save us
A war between U S and China debates at the border
Why can’t we get along
Let’s smoke a blunt about it
Dropping bombs its not gon’ solve your problem homie the debt is just too severe
What’s the point of fightin when no one wins
A billion bodies in the dirt and they love it
I’m sick and tired of watching people die for servin their country
The mic is my weapon
And I’m gon’ use it right
If you check me
I refuse to sit back with my thumb up my ass like a peasant
You try to keep us suppressed
They try to censor the truth
So screw ya mane I’m here to stay
You’ll never stop what I do
I thought you knew
We’ve all been gettin it wrong
Your life might end today
I bet you thought it all was fine
But hell you’re bound to wake up and smell the p*ss you’ve created
Damn what happened to music?
Everybody sounds the same
And It ain’t amusing
The future seems a bit troubled
I relate to little nowadays
It’s amazing the way it works to become rich and famous
There ain't no need for a major no talent required
The media controls and paves the road like a microchip
I think I’m awake now
This simulations got me twisted
I payed the price but still I’m caught within sticky situation
Playin tricks upon my mind
The cynical sickness waits off in the shade until the line comes in touch with the matrix

[Verse 2: BAKER]
Hell I can barely recall what occurred last night
I put my fist through a wall all because it felt right
Mister anger issues guess I got a screw loose
What the hell am I supposed to do
I struggle to find the clue
Step back I’m so impatient
My minds constantly racing
The Touch of all this stress
The days get more aggravating
When they cut the lights off and the foods running low
Hear your stomach start to rumble
It’s a pain you hate to know
Lost motivation just complications with myself
Second guessing can’t learn my lesson
I think I need some help
You got answer huh young partner we’ll come on and spread the wealth
Why you worried bout your health when death is close to being felt
From an early age one foot was standing in the grave
Life has already been played
Dropped and took another way
I hope it pays off I know I gotta make it work and with my brothers right behind me
We gonna make it well worth
Hard work doin time Long nights on the grind
Smoking just to keep the sanity We try to relax the mind
From all this mundane monotonous
Trash that floods the populous
Knowledge is the opposite
This world is just a crock of sh*t
Foul tactics feel the passion I deliver
Never giving up the fight bout to show you how we feelin
It’s the 3 with a vision bringing in that new tradition
Head strong on a mission aiming straight for your dimension

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