[Verse 1: BAKER]
Paranoid I hear the rain it’s getting louder
Thunderstorms outside cutting out the power
Looking at the moon feelin like I was exhumed
Count the seconds off my life
I should be on the move
Dusty trails got me feelin lost on the roads
Why do they want the fall of my forgotten soul
Staring out the window
Is there someone looking back
Hear my name called it puts me on attack
Everybody in the neighborhood wants a piece
If you don't get it then hungrys how you sleep
Wipe that smile off ya face no room for an ego
Real life get a taste and you’ll see that you are feeble
Head first, I swear I was born with a curse
Bloodline is infected all my people are the worst
Showing love for another with a knife in the back
No trust for the other see the truth is a drag
Wake me up from this sleep eternally on the reap
With the trio on the creep there’s no hiding from the beast
You can see it coming in the distant storm
Hollow is thy father now my son it’s time to be reborn
Blood lust it seems i must think so quick my mind it clicks I feel the need to give a touch
Hit the brain and bring a rush
This reality im edging on the cusp
Better get myself a grip because the ending looking rough
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