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[Verse 1: BAKER]
Leech off the street just a creep underneath
Something deeper past the skin if you want to take a peak
Meet the beast gatekeeper as I drink up all the ether
When you look into my eyes all you sees the bloody reaper
Coming for your tainted soul better start running cause I am now gunnin'
There’s no signs to let you know
Taking this blade to now shove in my foe
Crazy is this psycho
You might kiss the butt of my rifle
If you approach with no respect
Then you’ve become a new rival
Rollin blunts outta bibles
A troubled child on the run
This sinista sh*t is oh so thick and yes we find it so fun
Mutha f**ka b*t*h mutha f**k a cop
Yes the 3 we coming equip this underground it never stops
To the top never flop
It’s the trio putting suckas in they place
Hope you ready for the fight, warfare in ya face
Strapped up boots we all ready, with a mindset so heavy
Come to clean up all the mess that’s left
We’ve come to hold it steady
Let it blaze I’m throwing homemade hand grenades
The thrillin' for the killing turns it to a violent rage
Silent Night on the stage its society I prey
Put me up in big lights, make them all remember my name
Yes I’ve come to getcha, hit ya where it hurt
No more complications b*t*h, I'm known to always make it work
Doing dirt put my time in this game
There ain’t no need for me to claim this and that lead the pack sign sealed the game I wrap
Like a rabid dog lookin' for a meal
I’m a hungry mutha f**ka and I’ve come to get my fill
Sink my teeth into the kill get a high from the hunt
Rip the skin right off them bones and show the world that you a front
Don’t stunt
When ya meet ya maker Mr Baker tainted by the savior
No need to save ya ima break ya doin' you a favor
Catch the wave before you drown in the southern psycho sounds
Here to bring it non stop here to keep it underground
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