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[Verse 1: BAKER]
Lurking high above my shoulders the man from the pits
Rests his hand upon my head and said it’s time for me to fix
This broken world we live in
No one will be forgiven
Hold your prayers till the end
The worst is yet presented
Hope you ready, hope you prepared
The stress it greys my hair
Wind whispers into my ear
As I just sit and stare
Take the words that I have said
Spread the seed of evil dead
Only future that I see is where the sky is painted red
All I feel deep inside these emotions I can't hide
Take me far from all this stress
I need to get away from life
Dark in me since my birth not hard to see
I’m corrupted with the burn
Now my mind it rot and turns
Won’t you take a look at the bigger picture
Nothing’s getting better people struggle more and more
The hate it’s hard to even measure
Boiling pot it slowly starts to overflow
No more need to hide the pain
Nothings left so let it go
Hell sings the heavens choir
Deceiving the powers higher
Don’t you fall to one of his tricks
Cause none of his tricks can keep the fire
Off your skin my young friend think it’s time to give in
Thought you was ready for this but now you bowing to the grin
It’s the 3, the 3, burning out of Tennessee
Got these horns on my head from the life that I lead
Creeping closer to the sleep seal my eyes eternally
Tombstones I shall roam till I find my place in peace
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