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[Verse 1: BAKER]
In the darkness my mind clicks into a fit
Snappin throats in armored coats breakin bread with demon kin
Seems it’s in the air all roads they headin for dispare
Tell me what’s the point care
I can’t find no reasons there
Inject the pain
Everyday it seems to drain
Burrows deep into the brain
Feel the tension from the strain
Overload in my mental the blood is instrumental
The masses love a show so watch me slay so monumental
Greed gluttony
I hear the voices in my dreams telling me it’s time to rise and take what’s mine
5 foot succubine creepin deep into my mind
Telling me with her eyes that tonight the moon will shine
With a wicked plan ahead where i might just end up dead
Take a blunt straight to the head all i feel and see is red
When I take a look back at the life that I’ve lived
All I see is hate pain and a lotta bullsh*t
Long nights in those Burning summers turned me lunatic
I can't trust another back stabbers undercover
Only wanting to bring trouble if you lookin for some love you came to the wrong brotha
Whos the man that you see when you look into the mirror is it you is it me
Second guessing everything
I fell off the wagon so dont you blame the man i be
Take a peer at the madness this sadness is reality
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