Series 3
[Verse 1: Saigon] Facts of life, n***a I ain’t worried about you rapping Pa/ Your voice is just noisiness I ain’t worried about you clappin Pa/ Your boys are just boisterous I ain’t really a rapper Na ?????? Fake a jack and I’ll clap at y'all/ Up in back of a acura Black is tall/, swift as marvelous Marvin Haglar/ I be rich if I had a penny for every battle scar/ Got a punk heart, I knew you a pu**y from jump start/ S –A – I – GON keep it funkier than a skunk fart/ Blow the back of your face off the front part/ I’m what they call a living contradiction n***a why? Cuz I’m dumb smart/ rappers ain't really a match for this I guzzle a 5th of Mathesis/ then say the alphabet backwards afterwards/ Day you see a dead n***a just hop out of his coufin/ The day you see me beef and not blow it out of proportion/ N***as from NY to Boston, Dallas to Austin/ You marry these street don’t plan to file for divorce then/

[Producer StreetRunner speaks]Whats up, My name is Streetrunner, my production Co is Run The Streets I been producing for 10 yrs now. My first Record placement was FAT JOE Terror Squad “Take Me Home” Working with Fat Joe, I actually got introduced to Lil Wayne Which we went on to do several records. I actually won a Grammy with Him for the Carter 3 I produced “Playing With Fire” and “Gossip” on the the Carter 3

[Verse 2: Rahzel Jr.]Freedom or Jail, clips inserted A baby being born the same time a man is murdered/ The beginning and end As far as rap go its only natural I explain/ My plateau but just know, Razor Rah is my name/ My bad had the streets waiting but I was detoxin/ Coming out my mothers womb rappin my father beat boxin/ East Tremont to southern Blvd adopted/
They speculate that I’m from Philly like Bernhard Hopkins/ Give you the bar options/ bigger than hip hop We see right through the rumor the politics and gridlocks/ Out here trying to control us with ebola/ But I’m a rap military soldier /I’m not a young thug or a stoner a visionary when sober/ My gra** is cut long got a cemetery for cobras/ You take his lyrics and add it up it equal lies That’s why my name should be Denzel, I equalize/ Some people quit, some play it safe, some people try/ Some people give, some people take, some people die/ And my radio need balance, peep the lies/ My mind sharp so Razor Rah is my street disguise/ haha While yall n***as rocking the same image/ My last name should be Calloway, I sway critics/ Always thinking outside the box, I hate limit/ I been a hot n***a but take away the gimmick

[StreetRunner speaks] With the particular beat I found some pianos off of vinyl Just actually took some piano hits and just chopped them up on the MPC and made them sound gritty then I took a drum break that I had to chop up a little bit to get the rhythm of what I was looking for and the rest is basically 808’s, I think I added more kick drums claps and other plug ins that made them sound gritty like that

[Verse 3: Vado] Yo, You can’t wait if we all in/ I want 10, heavy weight on the walk in/ A warning, won’t be awake by the morning I warned him, Im at his wake while they mourning/ You got a brick I got a brick we on the same page/ You hit my chick I hit your chick I play the same game/ Filthy n***a want it rich he trying to maintain/ Went from the 7 to the M and now the Range came/ You could say you like a pimp it ain't the same thing/ I got my name from killing sh*t shout out the James Flame/ That ain't big money jewelry all your chains change/ Manicures when I fly all your planes plain/...Vado!]