To Be Told
Heh alright are you ready?
Ayo Statik, I got a long time to grow
You know what else I got? Plenty story
Yup, check it man

[Verse 1]
The dope man just got murked
And now the cops lurk like clockwork
I heard he knocked the kid, he dropped dirt
Claimed he got j*rked
I stopped foilin' rock
Either it's foil or it's not
Really I had to stop, sh*t that block boiling hot
Damn frightening, poverty striking like lightning
All the brothers in jail, hoes took a like in the white men
F**king crisis, sh*t is cold like it's twice as ice is
Skill or feel, Bill with Gail is advises priceless
Lyrically I'm as nice as the Christ Disciples
You can get sparked
Sh*t is sharp as a life is knife is
Bang, upside your head
E-thug I can control or delete, you're dead
You little b*t*h

[Saigon talking]
You know what it is
All in a day's work
Leading up to that greatest story
Statik Selektah, Saigon the yard father man
Without further ado
Let me get back into this sh*t Stat
Yes, imagine that
[Verse 2]
I interact with black Africans
Racketeering gatt trafficking
Transporting a half of ten percent of this Mac in
The Jets wanna knock me back
Cause of the fact I stack grands of Franklin's
Pretty prance in banks
And no more guess and low yo
It's Yohji Yamamoto
Experts and cashmere, sweaters and sweat shirts
Condo with the fly den, the extra dry gin
[?] Mr. Belvedere, platinum plates, the silverware
Air Nikes, is now Stacy Adams it costs
The Narcs know not to try me
Wifey talking some buy me Hawaii
80 percent of the population know who I be
Shh damn
This living it'll be the sh*t god
Just thinking about it getting making my d**k hard

Matter of fact
Yo Statik, let's get into this