Lady Sings the Blues
Something like that
Sing to they a** girl
I'm not gon' keep telling you
Saigon, Statik
They know that i'm the hardest
Let me get at it one more time
Check me, look

[Verse 1]
They know that i'm the hardest
And I ain't even up in the mansion right now
The teams still around the projects
Giddy is a artist
N***a you only a lyricist
I'm all that and a bag of onion 'n garlics
Look at the sh*t you started
Somebody's gotta die, die, die
Then bring me a operation as the target
Out on the corner of the market, lil kids in the 'burbs
They watch Entourage, see me, now they want to rock camouflage
Play cold, I heat em, melt you like Haagen Dasz
Nobody got bars like [?]
Who else can got broads, to give a menage
Easier than most motherf**kers can get a ma**age, huh
Cause me in that big body biz, huh
Have you frontin', I ain't the least
Just let me f**k one of your friends ma
All that hung startin' a thing in the past
Matter of fact, my lil.. come sing for they a**
Get 'em
[Saigon talking]
I told you girl
You gotta hit that note baby
Nah, that ain't it right there
Try it again, come on
That's a little better
F**k that man, this is Hip Hop man
F**k that
You know what?

[Verse 2]
I won't f**k with the kid and him sh*ttin, it's impersistent
You at it in the source boss, it isn't a misprint
60 percent of n***as spittin' is inconsistent
The other 40 came with the grain, but them one against it
Time to get rich in an instant
N***as diss songs with the R&B b*t*hes
And even Kirk Franklin and [?]
But n***as dissed 'em and since did he quit trickin' the system
His image diminished along with his wits and his wisdom
When he tried to come back to reality rap
They said, Sorry son we're over the salary cap
Then he tried to rap on how he was proud to be black
Till they caught him with some white girls
Chillin' where cowards be at
He's getting depressed, n***as thought he was bug
Then it hit 'em, wait maybe I can rap like a thug
He would, and made records about bussin' and flippin drugs
Believe it or not, the f**kin' bullsh*t was getting loved
[Saigon talking]
I don't understand
The n***a recreated himself
He reinvented himself
He came back as a gangsta
Sing to they mothaf**kers
Don't make me Chris Brown you b*t*h