In a Mess
[Intro: Saigon and Kid]
Uncle Giddy
Can you give us a bedtime saga? Please, huh, please?
I don’t know, man. My saga’s a little deep, man. You kids get in the bed. I’ll get the rhyme book. You all tucked in?
Here we go

[Verse 1: Saigon]
I start the saga in the ‘ville. Police, twenty-one narc fleet
Creeping on Christopher deep in a unmarked jeep
Half of us was sitting dirty—how we clock on the block
Had the .40 cali c*cked—I rocked with extra clips in my sock
The blow had me stuck on slow mo. Still on point, though
Reacting once I heard “Yo, low!” Somebody screamed “Popo!”
Fast, I pa**ed the chunk to this youngster that was amongst us
Ran behind [?] stashed the weapon between the dumpsters
So cold. Messiah play [bowl?], annihilate the soul
Fresh up out the North Pole ain't tryna violate parole
One grabbed my son and then, hold on, started to snuff him
But son was resistant, so he told his partner to cuff him
I ran over the van. The Ds was nonchalant—the sham
Thinking “Damn. Prolly seen me hand Scram the contraband”
Felt the coke withdrawal. Wished I had’ve sniffed more
Thinking ‘bout the rest but they probably guarding the fifth floor
Swerving back up the staircase and out on the roof
Maybe I could do some sh*t like Q and Bishop in Juice
But not. A n***a stopped as soon as I heard the warning shot
Something saying “Jump” but I’m fronting ‘cause that’s too long a drop
Then they hit me with some sh*t I never heard of, dun
“You’re under arrest, son—robbery and murder one”

[Interlude 1: Saigon and Police Officer]
Murder... What?
[Police Officer]
Get against the wall!
Robbery and murder one?
[Police Officer]
F**k off me, dog!

[Hook: Saigon] (x2)
I’m in a mess. Locked up and type stressed
They questioning me to death and want a DNA test
There’s been a murder—somebody caught a body with a burner
And now the DTs is blaming it on me

[Verse 2: Saigon]
I mingle with murderers, repeat offenders, carjackers, burglars
Crackers with tax evasion, state max cla**ification
My thoughts are long gone, play the horn
Talked to Rough and Kayvon. One told me “Hold my head,” the other “Stay strong”
Double-bunked me with this fat, dark-skinned cat named Rock
Played the cot on the top. He used to talk about his b*t*h a lot
I pictured not too long ago, shot, he played the Don there
[Daughter him?] jiggy, this brown-skinned shorty with blond hair
[Fills about?] the crib in drug dealing—illegal living
On how he pushed a Inf and bought wifey a Eagle Vision
Entrappted by her. She spit game like rapid fire
Not knowing who he desire is nothing more than a liar
On January 10th, caught a letter half-page length
Explaining how some other brother pimping the Inf
It said "Rocky, that's on the strength, she fronting like you the herb or something
So what’s the verdict? Say the word and I’mma murder something
And yo, P.S., try to cope with this B.S
Lately, n***as want test. I got the Colt in the vest
Signed, your baby brother, Bless." Rock, he looked me straight in the eye
I turned (Why?)—I know how n***as be hating to cry
Yo, not to claim clout, he jump back on the same route
Yo, when Rock came out, he flipped and blew boo brain out
[Interlude 2: Saigon]
Click, bang! Click, bong! Yes, he did. (Dang). You know what? But now...

[Hook: Saigon] (x2)
He in a mess. Locked up and type stressed
They questioning Rock to death and want a DNA test
There’s been a murder—somebody hit a hottie with a burner
The homicide cops is blaming it on Rock

[Verse 3: Saigon]
And this is not where the story stop
There’s a deeper reason to why he shot shorty wop
Not only was the b*t*h tricking off at the coffee shop
She had slept with over a hundred-and-forty c*ck (Damn)
And while a n***a Rock was doing his bid
She was letting n***as come to the crib, sucking d**k in front of the kids
That prolly would have been water under the bridge
‘Til Rock went to the doctor and they told him the biz
Told him he had just contracted the HIV
This the only b*t*h that Rock had been with since the cat was a kid
Then to add insult to injury, she told him that she was leaving him
After she gave a deadly disease to him
Rock, he couldn’t take it, so murder became his medium
The only way to cope with the fact the b*t*h was a sleazy bum
He went home, fill a clip up with lead
Drove down to her house, shot the b*t*h in the head
[Outro: Saigon]
Bang! Hey. Y’all sleep? Y’all sleep yet? Yeah, I think they’re asleep. I’m out