Color Purple
[Verse 1]
It's been a long time coming, but I'm about to change things
Holler at these kids that like to gangbang
Whether you real with it or just playing games
Whether you maintain or banging that thang thang
If you bumping this in your whip, you should change lanes
Slow up, and get your brain on the same frame
We all bleed the same blood through the same vein
We all need the same love, feel the same pain
Some'll slang crack, some'll slang caine
And it's a damn shame, brothers acting like Ringling (clowns)
Barnum and Bailey brothers, knowing jacks don't barely love us
They love to see brothers kill brothers
The 2k4 version of Colors
Word to my mommy Guiliani could eat a d**k cause only God could judge us
Let's keep things rationalized
Anything I write, sh*t'll nationalize

If you ain't scared of no blood
Tell that faggot to throw it up outside after the club
If you ain't scared of no crip
Say n***a f**k this sh*t, we could pop this off up in here
But if you a true to life thug
Sweep that sh*t under the rug and give each other a hug
Red and blue make purple, the color of love
Red and blue make the color purple

[Verse 2]
I changed the game like James changed the book
You heard the verse, now let me explain the hook
See, I need all of you gangs to look
See how people came this far? You know what type of pain it took?
Do I gotta worry when I wear my blue and my red
That another black man gon put two in my head?
What if it's war, you might need my food or my bed
Just think about it, what good am I to you if I'm dead?
I know we all gotta eat though
It seems like all we know is how to cop a kilo from little [?]
Bring the sh*t to the hood, sell the sh*t to our people
Most of y'all n***as is slaves to y'all ego
Vice Lords, Latin Kings
We need peace god, we need to start practicing
See, I'm even trying to do it through this rapping thing
So I don't have to see none of y'all motherf**kers that feel you have to sing

[Verse 3]
The real gangs is the government
The Democrats are the crips
And the n***as that blood to them is the Republicans
Instead of claiming a set, they claim oil mines in Iraq
Some in the Ukraine and Tibet
Yet, we don't even pose no threat
They got a system that'll lock us for killing one another
Like they give a sh*t
They ain't care about Kody Scott
Mike Concepcion, whether he was a OG or not
Wish somebody woulda told me to stop
Sh*t, I used to shoot a lot, it was like giving Kobe the rock
Remember Mikey first showed me the Glock
And being we only thirteen, I was like totally shocked
I thought we was killers, but now we know that we not
Cause he's dead and I'm alone, I get lonely a lot
I don't care if you blood or cuz
If you wasn't or was
N***a, you black, show each other some love