One Foot In The Door
[Jay-Z interview about Saigon]
This thing is…
Who’s the next hot artist that you would say is coming out?
Just on the scene
I don’t know, man. Uh, it’s a couple people that got a shot. I mean…
Like who?
Uh T.I. has a shot—he has a real shot. Uh, Lil’ Wayne has a shot. Fabolous has a shot. There’s a lot of…
Someone we’ve never heard of, though?
Oh, I don’t know… Oh, maybe Saigon. The kid Saigon
Yeah, yeah…

Yeah, Preme ("The kid Saigon")
C*cksuckers thought they was gonna buy my soul, for a couple hundred thousand ("The kid Saigon")
You know what'm sayin’?
Illuminati for a car and a shiny chain, for a watch, a shiny watch
Nah n***a, I'm Saigon (Press the reset, man)
Never, I'm Saigon (Don't do it)

[Verse 1 – Saigon]
Y'all want me to make up a character and be it
That's what I gotta for you people to have to see it
Why should I have to get shot in my back to achieve it?
Or be dead or paraplegic for these cats to believe it?
I breathe it, I done went on the internet and been a wreck
Said Rick Ross and 2 Chainz should get chin-checked
But then I dropped thirty minutes of intellect
That would’ve been neglected had I not pegged it with disrespect
So no disrespect
Everybody got they own set of problems—I got dirt I gotta disinfect
It's f**king absurd, swerve like I'm huggin' the curb
After guzzling couple cups of the Bourb’
Pimpin’ in the top ten, right behind Rakim
In front of Big Daddy Kane—("No, Sai")—I'm only playin’
I ain't f**kin with Kane. But it's a lotta n***as
Y'all can name and I tear them n***as outta the frame
Bang this in your old school box—this ain't the iPod days
This for n***as that had high-top fades
This for n***as with the eyes I grazed
That rocked shell tops when they was shell tops, “Stocking Caps” for the waves
I can take you to the days (What?)
‘Fore the Greatest Story was Ever Told
I was letting ‘em Berettas unload
Shooting up clubs, gunfire coming from both ways
Couple n***as was targets, couple just caught strays
Now I said selling coke pays in the Illmatic days
Nowadays, they offer you coke—go that-a way
Sai's an anamaly (anomaly), family
You ain't got the grammar and goin’ hand to hand with me is insanity
You need to examine me, take a closer look at the crook
That the valley and the brook cold cooked
Take a look at the work that I put
Two albums, some mixtapes and a book
And I only got one foot
[Hook – Saigon]
One foot in the door, but I feel I’mma need one more
Without that, I am just unsure
I wanna give it my all, wanna go balls to the wall
But I only got one foot in the door
I got one foot in the door (x3) (*with scratches by DJ Premier*)

[Bridge – Big Daddy Kane and (Saigon)]
Okay, okay, I see what you doing with it baby (See that?)
Yeah, you down in the sprint position and whatnot man (Ready)
Waiting for someone to pa** the baton in the money marathon (Ready)
That's what it is. You know you can't just run with it, you got to come with it (Coming with it)
So um, I'll be up there waiting for you at the finish line. Let’s go

[Verse 2 – Big Daddy Kane]
You know it's something ‘bout that name Big
As in me, Small's a pun—we all can gun
Remorse is none ‘cause we bosses, son
And that’s the type of sh*t that you don't see often, son
Now line 'em up so I can body all sets
I need to rhyme in front of volleyball nets
So y'all can catch that sh*t that it went over your head
Yo, what he said can [?] over—you’re dead
I’m so eager ta just hold heat ta ya
Y’all get tough in front of social media
I ain’t a Twitter thug, n***a—I’m a split-a mug n***a
When y’all set the bar, I’mma get above n***a
Too much sh*t here be genetically made
And MC’s don’t give a f**k like, “Forget it, we paid”
(These n***as is) Frontin’ until they just pathetically fade
And that’s a new wack rapper in the bed that he laid
[Outro – Saigon]
These n***as dead, Kane. I swear to God they dead. Swear to God, it's The Yardfather, man. I ain't holding back no more on these muhf**kers man. Shoutout to legendary BDK, n***a—Brooklyn's own. Motherf**ker, Big Daddy Kane. DJ Premier. I got one foot in the door. Preme, take us out of here the right way, baby. Hip-Hop, n***a

[Scratches + Samples - DJ Premier]