My Crew
Ayo, Statik, we gon' switch it up on 'em man
We're talking about my crew on this one man

[1st Verse]
See my crew be doing it like this
Every n***a in the crew stay with a tight fist
Ready to bust you up side yo motherf**king head
If you ever act like you wanna fight b*t*h
Crew be doing it like this
Ooh let me see that thing you got on your right wrist
Yeah this is nice kid where'd you buy this, click
Slip that sh*t off in the process
See my crew be doing it like this
Up north in the yard swinging a icepick
Down south on the tour bangin a white chick
I ain't even dropped and they on my d**k cause i'm that sh*t
And be doing it like this
Crack in the back of my balls in the crack of my walls
Can't let police go in my drawers
I got two felonies a n***a can't afford anymore

[Chorus: Sample]
"Am I getting through to you"
[Saigon during Chorus]
Am I getting through to you
You know how the crew do n***a
YEAH! Statik Selektah man
Saigon, come on (Am I)
Am I get through to you
Is this computable?
Check it
You wanna know about my crew?

[2nd Verse]
See my crew be doing it like this
Righteous megaman that's my sidekick for life b*t*h
And we tighter than vicegrips
So if you got beef with him then I flip
And be doing it like this
Up north in my cell stepping in my sh*t
Down south on the L selling that white sh*t
See my n***a TT and get that right call it a night sh*t
And start moving it like this
Start selling all my sh*t to the white kids
Give the crack to Mikey bet he likes it
Every since then son keep his pipe lit, sh*t
And be doing it like this and like that
We'll ruin this hype sh*t with tight rap
And start doing what we need to be doing
To get this rap sh*t back on the right track
[Chorus: Sample]

[Statik scratches] 2x
"I'm surrounded by criminals"
"Got with a sick type clique and went all out"

[Produced by Statik Selektah]