Wouldn't you want to be me
In the prime of my thug I popped three
People in the less of a two month span
Not playin', couple is on record, the others I'm not saying
I was wild since the box of sand
I was the f**king slap-box man
You was rocking the Real Roxanne
You can go ahead with your battling man
I get mad at cha man
Hit you in your head with a battering ram
Rap like only an african can
They can lock us up trying to kill us all or put crack in our hand
But you gotta understand, that their is a plan to kill off the black man
And how the black woman the number one catcher of aids
And we all know that bullsh*t spreaded from gays
Its so craze, my mental being in an intricate maze
Can't eat can't sleep without hitting some haze
Seen bright nights and dark days
And maybe wanna run and spark the gate
And pray to God I ain't marked for a grave
Cause I ain't even saved


[Verse 2]
Yo, Keep it all real; I don't care if you don't like me
I'm in this game for more than a chain or whipping a crisp pair of nikes
See there's more to it
It's kinda of hard to get it but easier to lose it
Thats why I try to keep it
Some cats died to reach it
Don't even know what they're reaching for
If they don't listen then why we teaching for
And my moms still teaching more
I gotta question why she get paid the least for her profession
And my pops still stressing
Got a new heart
Turned around got cancer in the skin
I swear he can't win
But he don't quit my old man he just keep grinding to the end
And the ends coming know time quick
Cause me and him, still kick it on some old time sh*t
Belly up have a beer or two
Cause everything he said then I see now your boys gotta clear view
And the lessons gotta learn myself
My lifestyle gonna have a worse turn for my health
And I hope I don't see an early grave
Damn, cause I ain't even saved