Sucker Free
[Verse 1: Saigon]
I'm gonna need one potato, two potato, three potato, four
Five potato, six potato, seven potatoes born
Some n***as came before me but they never layed the law
A buckin' a suckin' a duckin' a pluckin' a f**kin' takes the ball
Naw, never gonna stall when it's hammer time
Man of mine died, cannon wasn't in his hand in time
Heard you saying pop, on you should stop lyin'
Maybe on hot nine, n***a the block mine
This is serious as a terrorist threat
When it's on I just go without ready ca**ette
Yet still praying that I never get wet
Oh sweat, early 30s and already a vet, bet
Since I'm on borrowed time, I came with a art of rhyme
Borderline super sayan still spitting the hardest line
Saigon signing out
If you wonder if I live what I rhyme about
You might end up finding out

[Verse 2: Jon Connor]
I itemize the devil's 9 to 5
So I try to find something constructive to do with my time
F**king with these hoes is gonna have me raising babies that ain't mine
But I guess that's shame on me for thinking that I pulled out in time
N***a they plot on what they think I got and want it
Truth is they probably holding more than me at this moment
But perception is reality and this sh*t is real
Cause of that I got to watch my back in spots I used to chill
It's mo money, mo problems and this sh*t is stressful
And fake friends and fast hoes were put here to test you
It seem I'm to real for the game and too for my n***as
And here I was just trying to put on for my n***as
I'm trying to live swell and hope my head don't swell with it
To eat the devil's pie you've got to take hell with it
So ain't no turning back, I'm just trying to move ahead
And find piece of mind before I lose my head
This sh*t is real

[Verse 3: Joe Budden]
Feel like I could reach my arm out and touch the sky
Pray I don't need the sucker n***as on the other side
Weigh it cool though before you let your gut decide
I rather keep the car parked cause I know how my brothers ride
Couple of 40s, c*ck buck and them kays
Feel dumb cause they deal with me being stuck in my ways
If we beef, it's done in private never public displays
But we all get the ground together when we duckin' them strays
My n***a, uh, that's just a lesson in love
The fact that we fam won't ever lessen from no impression of blood
And our angle is that and let's squeeze it absurdly
Cause they the main ones to put the triangle in your back
Uh, so I roll with who I roll with
And if that don't apply to you, you can get the whole clip
No way I can stay the greater
I roll with animals and being fake ain't in our nature
Get it?