Impeach The President
When 2Pac comes back the beef is on, W
You wonder why the Black and Latin people don't love ya
Well I'm first, we can start with the church
You're politicizing religion, you and your father's the worst
And um, next: Ya'll took welfare cheques
Give us diseases and then collect health care debts?
(Whatever, what else?)
You only think about yourself
You sendin' n***as to war while your rifle is on the shelf
George, you're something else
Osama, could be 10,000 times worser than you
Find him your f**king self
And why act like you care about the troops in Iraq?
Cause if you did, you would let them fly back
It's because of you that those planes got hijacked
You're also the reason Katrina victims had to die like that
They say you was hesitant, we say you was negligent
It's about time for n***as to

Impeach the President
Impeach the President
Impeach the President
Impeach the President

How many times do I gotta state my position
Before ya'll say "This lip service, he's wishin'."
I been organizing, I've got a thousand pet**ions
Been up before sunrise, writing. I'm on a mission
If I could be president, I would lower the rent
And make my secretary of defense
My whole cabinet would be n***as who ain't havin' it
You think it's f**ked up now?
Just watch how bad it gets

(Just Blaze)
I'll push Bush off the White House roof
Calling chickens coming home to roost, it's overdue
N***as taken advantage of, taken for granted
For the hungry, for the 'hood, for the good of the planet
But not to get it twisted, Bush is only a figurehead
It's bigger yet. The whole system needs to be put to death
If I was president, then I'd get rid of the whole office
Pimp the system out and make the people the bosses
(Motherf**kers don't realize how serious this mother f**king sh*t is.)

(Immortal Technique)
Either stand him, wear the rifle or reach him
Or some b*t*h give him a blow job so we can impeach him
Teach the motherf**ker about the drama I bring
And cut D**k Cheney's hands off for pulling the strings
This is for all my n***as locked in the P
That'll never see the sun until the revolution is bring
George Bush: the puppet king of the planet
N***a, he don't care about the marriage of faggots
He's got a supreme court full of religious fanatics
Let me break down the mechanics:
Al-Qaeda and America been doin' business well
They're tighter than Interscope and XXL
From the patriot act to rape in Iraq to
Russia's war with Afghanistan taking it back to Texas
Governor, your state is the most polluted
And you had the most n***as executed
Now you're born again, alcohol and talking to god
Yeah, dog, I read the book your friends wrote
Insert the footnotes about how you used to sniff coke
Frontin' like drug-free role models in harmony
Your family in florida lives in a pharmacy
Corporate larceny, tax cuts, that's how you started
Twelve IQ points from being f**kin' retarded
So I gotta represent what I sell, n***as
Impeach the President