Give It To Me
[Intro: Saigon]
Yes, yes yes
Uh uh-uh, yes yes
Uh uh-uh, yes yes
Haha, let me in mayne
Pssh, hehe, look

I'm back for the first time f**ker
Cancer, that's the sign sucker
So pucker up and kiss the fist of this lyricist
This, this sh*t is ridiculous
I'll be the first one to say it
DJ's, damn right they gon' play it
If not then f**k it I'll take it
To the internet, do it myself, they can't say sh*t
But the club gon' love it
But be careful, the thugs gon' thug it
They'll hit you upside your head
With a whole half-full Hennessy bottle and think nothin of it
B*t*h won't f**k me then she's celibate
Brad Pitt couldn't f**k that chick (uh-uh)
Unless she really just a ho and I don't know
If so I'll call up the Bishop Magic (hello?)
He gon' give me couple lines to f**k up her mind
Minutes later I'll be grindin on her from behind
Tell her, "Turn around, quit kiddin with me
Grown a** woman, girl give it to me!"

[Hook: Raheem DeVaughn]
You ain't gotta be my girl
I don't even know yo' sign, ohhh
I just wanna fiend and we
Will let you rub up on mine, ohhh
There's no need to stop now (give it to me!)
Girl I want you on top now (give it to me!)
So as soon as the beat drop now (give it to me!)
Girl you gotta break me off, uh-huh

What up? What it is my nucca?
I'm back up in this muh'f**ker
So knuckle up and kiss the fist of this lyricist
This, this sh*t is ridiculous!
I'm trill like the homie Bun B
For real, there's only one me
They know that I'll paralyze a phony MC
Am I on some thug sh*t? Go on and come see
Cause I ain't even gotta say it
His jaw keep jackin I'm gon' break it
I'll stomp him in the head with the Timberlands
Lucky you could trust me, this muh'f**ker won't make it
But we ain't come here to start a fight
We came to find dames that'll rock the mic
And I ain't talkin 'bout rhyme but the kind
That'll do it in the whip before I turn out the parkin light
Click totally she was comin just to kick it with me
Soon as she jumped in, I said "Lick it for me"
She said "Only if, only if you will stick it to me"
I said "C'mon, quit playin girl, give it to me!"

You ain't got to act stingy
You should give a n***a them drawers (give me them drawers)
And if you can't be that friendly
Can you at least lick these balls? (Can you lick these balls?)
I brought yo' black a** to Wendy's
You ain't even break me off (chick break me)
Now I hate bein on your top slate
Lil' hooker you can take me off (ha ha!)
Yes, y'all'in, to the light beat and
Hookers on my (Bat-man) like I'm Mike Keaton
It's only right that I spend the night skeetin
In the morn' I'm gone, it was nice meetin (nice meeting you)
You and your coochie hole too
And all I had to say was "You're beautiful boo"
I ain't buy diamonds, no Gucci, no shoe (uh-uh)
Like these other muh'f**kin foolio do (nope)
Look I ain't even a pimp, but pimpin I'm pimpin
Me and the nine inches, divine intervention
So listen, 'less you wanna get f**ked up literally
Put your weight down on me girl, give it to me!

[Raheem DeVaughn ad libds to the end]