Blood Orange

"CALL ME (Freestyle)"

[Verse 1: Blood Orange]
Regards of hesitant assertions
Losing out on what is certain
Pale blue inside my eyelids
Yeah, yeah
Pedal faster just to keep up
Your bestie told you he's a keeper
But you've been shootin' for the ether
Yeah, uh
How do you feel when you feel?
Late night riding just to feel safe
Safer when you're on the highway
Headphones on although it ain't safe
You don't care 'cause it's your getaway
Breaking through and making headway
Smelling gasoline and old brakes
"Room on fire", looping all day
Hands on the stick and your еyes closed
Breathе and exhale for the first time
Time to change out of your old clothes
When was the last time that you cried?

[Chorus: Blood Orange]
How do you feel when you feel?
How do you feel when you feel? (Hey)
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