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"Like Me Now"

[Verse 1]
Major league hitters, this was out the park
Representin' for n***as who never got they start
Who dreams of hittin' the league, makin' the team and start it
We remained focused, devoted, just workin' on our art
The dealer gave the cards, I just played it smart
Stayed myself while you n***as just tried to play a part
I'ma take it back to the beginning
Was kids wishin' tryna be what we saw on television like
That's gon' be us I promise, one day just wait, I promise
We gon' [?] to heroes just like the Marvel comics
Just some young ass n***as thinkin' 'bout ho's and watches
Fast cars, riding through town, how you like me now?
Held it down now we gettin' this sh*t up off the ground
Stayed consistent, now they listenin', I think we made a sound
Remember ho's I couldn't get, they used to turn me down
Now she see me blowing kisses, I think she like me now

Yeah, n***a, n***a, what?
Keep up with the pace, n***a, you know what it is
You tryna keep up in the race, I gotta handle my biz
I just bought me a brand new coupe and yeah lou got him a Benz, n***a
Yeah, whole team shining, huh, yeah
On the paper chase, you see me [?]
Fake friends they gonna flake but they ain't nothin' but kids
I ain't got time to imitate so it just is what it is
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