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"Loyalty 2 da Fam"

I tried to tell 'em you can't be too cautious
So many snakes out here in this grass, man

Can't be too careful, one slip and it's over with
Better watch who you rollin' with 'fore they roll on you, n***a
Really thought that they was silent then they told on you, n***a
A sad story but it's all so true

My big cousin used to wanna bang blue like Snoop
Had a sick ass jumper, could've hoop for the loot
Riding 'round town in that hoopty
Twelve had us jumpin' we was stompin' through the city
Me and my big cousin

Justin tried to play me for a sucker but ain't sh*t sweet
I swear I'm woke, I never doze, I never get sleep
Was a little n***a but I'll fight you like I'm 6 feet
Win or lose, if you ain't with me you against me
Thinkin' way back to your mama pad
We would fight in the living room and then Jerry would beat your ass
Because I was younger than y'all, life of a underdog
And then auntie would break it up and say "What the f**k wrong with y'all"
Both of them my big cousins, I'ma love 'em to death
Lately I feel like I ain't been lovin' myself
I been deep inside a pu**y tryna find some affection
Out here in these streets and I got some protection
'Cause n***as getting hard to trust, b*t*hes too
I promise you ain't slick, I'm already knowing how you move
You movin' crooked, look
n***as wicked, better guard your energy
Word to Mikey D., been my n***a before this industry
I tell my bro you gotta watch the company you keep
n***as tryna get us knocked, too fly to be in a box
I rather see us laced up while we countin' knots
Can't let none of you n***as come and take nothin' I got
A lot of n***as turn phony on me
But I know the fam won't switch up, my mans [?]
Loyalty to the fam 'cause everybody ain't with ya
Hoping you get the picture 'fore it's too late my n***a
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