Mama I’ve Been Cryin’
[Verse 1]: Key!
Mama I've been cryin
These women and these drugs are just a part of all my lyin
From a big city, uh they can't tame a lion
Blunts for my confidence that's why I'm defiant
No it ain't no tryin'
I've been high for weeks
Party super hard
Emotions for the weak
What the f**k is sleep
Movin really really fast never really wonder when me and this stripper gon leave hey

[Hook]: Key!
Mama I've been cryin (x8)

[Verse 2:]: Ceej
And I wonder why this sh*t burn this slow
Hand on that motherf**kin pistol yea
Thinkin about it and all but I ain't willing for all in my damn wrist tho
Yea mama I've been cryin
And I let these women get to me but mama I've been tryin really not to
It's hard when they always tryna plot to
Yeah you got to keep your eyes open for them people tryna stop you uh
Workin' really really hard never wonder when me and my brothers keep her goin mean

[Hook]: Ceej
Mama I've been cryin (x8)

[Verse 3]: Jace
Mother I've been weepin'
Smokin' marijuana so I struggle with my breathing
All these f**kin drugs now I struggle with my sleeping
Same sh*t every evening
I don't know what I'm doing
I don't know who I'm being
All these f**king flashlights, I don't know what I'm seeing
Help me ma I'm bleeding
Emotions are-a-fleein'
And my main b*t*h ain't speakin
I think my heart stopped beatin
And I just might die (hey)
[Hook]: Jace
Mama I've Been Cryin (x8)

[Verse 4]: Damien
Mama I been cryin'
To make you proud I really been tryin
Dyin to make this change
Let's get high, make it rain
I'm starting to see the seams on these puppets
Puppies, but me? P*ssed on tree? That's crazy
My days are starting to blend together
Mixed with vodka no umbrella
Intoxicated, these toxins keep me level headed
Shirley worried little
? maybe strong minded
While they brittle by the window
They in the middle, They in the middle

[Hook]: Damien
Mama I've been cryin (x8)