I'm a
Crooked blade with a STRAIGHT EDGE\\ take your PAIN MEDS\\
I ain't here to BREAK BREAD\\ but to BREAK HEADS\\
Comin of a blood god is what the f**kin DATE SAID\\

Ah! and you'll hear that this NOISE IS THE MEANEST\\
Dragon tounge and tiger eyes the VOICE OF BEHEMOTH\\
My body is a temple so my CHOICE IS THE CLEANEST\\
This crooked f**kin blade yo! deSTROY UNBELIEVERS\\

Ah! like the world that really SICKENS MY BODY\\
Like the world that both TRICKED AND FORGOT ME\\
Like the world that so VICIOUSLY SCARRED ME\\
Like the world that tricks with VISIONS OF GLORY\\

Ah yeah!! the f**kin HOME OF THE SLAVES\\
But that little man is WHOLE OTHER TALE\\
Ah! i'm sayin, get to KNOW YOUR MISTAKES\\
Free from the poison, now GROW TO BE GREAT\\

Time waits for no man, so i got NONE TO WASTE
Shape up, cleaning of the dust of some RUSTY WEIGHTS
World full of BLUFFS AND FAKES, huh man im BUSTIN SNAKES
Vicegrip on my future, fore i SUFFOCATE

- we all search for HAPPINESS\\
I thought it was in alcohol, nicotine and CANNABIS\\
But drugs ain't the problem, the MANNER IS\\
A rebel on a path ain't, but a PATTERN IS\\

I quit drinkin, quit smokin and OTHER TOXINS\\
Because of health and mind, and NO OTHER OPTIONS\\
My free mind lost, or SOON to be FORGOTTEN\\
My soul under control, and it was both BROKEN AND ROTTEN\\
The goal was having fun! and i was BUILDING UP A JINX\\
Grindin up my anger, as i FILLED IT TO THE BRINK\\
Im a b*st*rd when i drink, and a CYNIC WHEN I THINK\\
So i quit the booze, and half the evil, KID YOU SEE THE LINK?\\

So i decided to finally be the MASTER OF MY DESTINY\\
Stopped drowning my dreams, cuz the ANSWER WASNT CHEMICALLY\\
Work was the path to go, to CAPTURING MY REMEDY\\
Cuz poisons of the world were like CANCER ON MY LEGACY\\