Seize Every Moment
Never made them proud, eveything to FIT IN\\
Giving a f**k about the past is my new THING\\
Do you remember i used to Wear those GOOFY CLOTHES\\
Times change, now you greet me like a DUDE YOU KNOW\\

I've never stopped believing, still ON THIS ROAD\\
Work hard, play hard that is HOW WE ROLL\\
Too many fakes - and no one can TAKE ME\\
Always been myself that’s why most of them HATES ME\\

Mom told me, always STAY SMART\\
Even though she gone, I feel her in my HEART\\
I do this all for you, I do it for the ART\\
All I had was you, and pa**ion from the START\\

----so i became THE N***A WITH A PEN\\
While you afraid of lions, I was SLEEPIN THE DEN\\
Eye of the tiger, a cynic in THIS SH*T\\
Never stop believin', shout out to all my MISFITS\\

-should I LEAVE OR STAY\\ feed my EVIL WAYS\\
In these series of seizures it's like I DREAM AWAKE\\
-I try to SEIZE THE DAY\\ F**k what i NEED TO SAY\\
These demons they're eagerly breathing and now they try to LEAD ASTRAY\\

-ah! well nobody will ever POISON MY BRAIN\\
-a slave to world, but I'm free and NOW I have BROKEN THE CHAIN\\
-most of friends they are gone, now recognize the HOMIES I'VE GAINED\\
-the spit that started as flow, is turning to an OCEAN OF FLAMES\\

I see the prejuiced, I see the CYNICAL SMIRKS\\
I see the silent ones, i see the TIMID AND HURT\\
I see the copy cats, as they MIMIC AND SEARCH\\
But are you workin to live, or brother do you LIVE FOR YOUR WORK\\

- uh, sometimes we better STOP AND THINK\\
- without doing a F**KING THING\\
- think about what you POP AND DRINK\\
Before life knocks you out like in a BOXING RING\\
-i'm always hungry, STARVIN LIKE A HOMELESS\\
Mult**ask master!i PARTY AND I FOCUS\\
Trash world! among the GARBAGE I'M TO NOTICE\\
-i stink good! - you HARDLY HAVE AN ODOUR\\
Resurrection of rap, with the ATT**UDE OF PUNK ROCK\\
Flows rock! limits of my AMPLITUDES BEEN UNLOCKED\\
Superc*cky dude is poppin, ATTRIBUTES ARE NON STOP\\
You're pale and you're falling! heres a PARACHUTE AND SUNBLOCK\\
So take a byte! and a PIECE OF THE BEST\\
Cuz i never get tired! and it's NEEDLESS TO REST\\
Im duracel damien! like you PEOPLE HAVE GUESSED\\
Spittin perfection, resurrection of both EVIL AND DEATH\\

Every second and minute enjoy it!
Don't let hunger for money destroy it!
So make sure that you live every moment!
Breathe every moment! seize every moment!