I dreamt of growin up! i was only PA**IN THROUGH\\
-finger wavin at the world was my ATT**UDE\\
-should have paid more attention, and THATS THE TRUTH\\
-now we reminess and dream of taking BACK OUR YOUTH\\
Seekin a goal after a JOURNEY TO HELL\\
We forgot being children while BURNIN FOR WEALTH\\
-now i'm proud to be EARNIN MY HEALTH\\
F**k destination enjoy the JOURNEY ITSELF\\ ah
You got 20 being young and SIXTY FOR THE REST\\
Live a little son, or you WISHIN FOR YOUR DEATH?\\
Old soul, countin MINUTES IS DEPRESSED\\
Don't overthink but listen to SH*T THAT'S IN YOUR CHEST\\
Ah - that's the WAY OF A HAPPY GUY\\
Each day to fullest, WAY OF THE SAMURAI\\
Do before thinkin not WAITIN TO A***YZE\\

Like sand in an hourgla**
Time fades way and way too fast, but
You gotta hold on the good times
Even if its hard-fought sometimes

Cus things are never over
Always keep loved ones closer
As you're gettin older
As you're gettin older

I've noticed time is fadin - and im gettin older\\
Tired of drunks want to talk b*t*h tell me sober\\
But i've grown, and i've found peace of mind and great composure\\
Askin me to give up my dream - but it is never over\\
Yeah i've grown! - so know i RECON JOKERS\\
Dragon tounge and tiger eyes i always got my WEAPONS LOADED\\
Each day to the fullest man like i could die the NEXT OCTOBER\\
And if life is a b*t*h then motherf**ker let me GET TO KNOW HER\\
I live consitency, man and i BREATHE PERSISTENCE\\
Narrow path, i used to chose the one with the LEAST RESISTENCE\\
The door is shut yo, so i KEEP MY DISTANCE\\
But then somebody comes, and now its FEELIN DIFFERENT\\
Yeah! these are DANGEROUS TIMES\\
And i live my life like its gettin FAMOUS OR DIE\\
But never hatin! that sh*t will MAKE YOU GO BLIND\\
Sand in the hourgla**, the DAYS OF OUR LIVES\\