Empty Words
-uh i know i kinda promise this and that\\
But please remember that my logics built on t** for tat\\
-stupid b*t*hes i dont listen to your image rap\\
They pitch their act\\and smash it with my cricket bat\\

These posers wanna be wu tang, they're WACK AND THEY FAKE IT\\
Conservative younglings, seems like RAPS NEED A FACELIFT\\
We used to be freethinkin, now we're BACK IN THE MATRIX\\
Stuck in the underground, like we TRAPPED IN THE BASEMENT\\

But you ain't treatin me like you DUMPING YOUR LADY\\
You frontin the hundreds, not even CLOSE TO AN EIGHTY\\
Jelousy is everywhere, FOCUS AND HATE ME\\
But ask yourself, what have you DONE FOR ME LATELY\\

This one's for all of you BACKSTABBIN B*ST*RDS\\
You're poisoning the world and MAXED OUT THE MADNESS\\
We used to ignore it, let it PA** AS A HABIT\\
So snakes, go back and RELAX IN YOUR CASKETS\\

Used to love, but you FORGOT HOW IT FEELS\\
So cold , with your FRIENDLY SMIRKS\\
Talk the talk, but they're all just EMPTY WORDS\\

So you think I stopped beeing real\\
Used to love, but you forgot it feels\\
You're so cold with your friendly smirks\\
You talk your talk, but their just empty words\\

Its been days, and i haven't really PA**ED A THOUGHT\\
Its been days, now im lookin for a LAST RESORT\\
Its been days, look at how it has COME APART\\
Its been days, dreams of being an ASTRONAUT\\

We try to figure out, just WHO WE ARE\\
In a perfect world im an alien with a HUMAN HEART\\
F**ked that is so CRUEL AND HARD\\and both of us growing TOO APART\\
So this could never work, but again i wish upon a SHOOTING STAR\\
- yeah, cuz i was born SELF SUFFICIENT\\
Favour here and there, never claimed HELP MY MISSION\\
Now im done with charities for your SELFISH B*T*HES\\
Do it the hardway, leeches f**kin NEVER LISTEN\\

F**k your snapback designer shoes and REALEST ACT\\
Im into thrillers fag, not in your SILLY RAPS\\
Never want my verse, fraid i'd KILLED THE TRACK\\
You suck so hard like you tryin gettin MILLI BACK\\