The Art Of Letting Go
-you talkin bout do's and your dont's
You driftin away, i got used to the show
Braggin bout this and you braggin bout that
Work hard in silence, a matter of fact

I worked hard for this sh*t
I've earned all of this sh*t
I've hurt bad and i've burned tracks
But i turned all of this sh*t

They talk about me like im a CRIMINAL\\
They SPIT and they're talkin their sh*t if you ain't nuthin TYPICAL\\
Miserable, pitiful, little piece of sh*t you IMBECILS\\
Fictional digital, follow every single PRINCIPLE\\

They tried to tough it! i keep it DIFFICULT\\
They tried to hype it up! I keep it MINIMAL\\
They tried to act in love! i keep it CYNICAL\\
The art of f**kin letting go, to get up to your PINNACLE\\

F**k your feelings, that PART OF ME's REJECTED\\
B*t*hes be like, APOLOGY ACCEPTED\\
A growing feeling that all HONESTY's NEGLECTED\\
Stupid f**kin logic! yo! RETARDEDLY REFLECTED\\

Gla**houses built on this LITTLE ROCK\\
So fragile, closed by a SIMPLE LOCK\\
Something smells funky, roll the WINDOW UP\\
We live in a world, where we learn to not GIVE A F**K\\

-you actin rugged, but you're MUSIC IS NOT\\
So blame your little fame on 14 old GROUPIES AND LUCK\\
-you leave me thinkin bout a NUMEROUS WHATS\\
And that your few fans are either deaf or STUPID AS F**K\\
They talk to me on a FIRST NAME BASIS\\
They're actin wild, but they're BIRDS IN CAGES\\
Two faced fake snakes TURN THEIR FACES\\
And actin like they've EARNED THEIR PLACES\\

Fortunate drummers, with a series of LUCKY BREAKS\\
Surgery gone bad, see through you SLOPPY FAKES\\
I call em xerox baby! you know COPY PASTE\\
Sleepin with the trash! b*t*hes you are F**KIN WASTE\\

-uh, but I've COME TO KNOW MY HOMIES\\
The few, but the great Im COMFORTABLE AND LONELY\\
I see these fakes in a PUPPET SHOW OF PHONIES\\
F**k the world! and what you BOMBACLATS HAVE TOLD ME\\