In This Together
Open the mack, reality rap
That boom boom boombap
Do it like that
Put your crew in a jag
And you might just get popped
As if you cruise in a jag
Situation got me thinking
Pressure got me thinking
Third eye open
Mind I'm couching
Every verse pouching
Burnt it up
Even In the heat will i turn it up
Word is us some of you change
Like a morning bus
F**k you need money just to earn some trust
Middle finger at the system couse I'm gonna bust don't compare me to your sh*t man I think you suck
Never been the type to be acting up working hard
Harder than I'm used to
Few of them use you
Everything crucial
Back to the usual
You you better speed up
If I loose you picking up the track like its voodoo

Getting used to the mafakkin BULLSH*T\\
I dont give a f**k, f**k all your bullsh*t
Closed circles, no more CULPRITS\\
Time to take charge, so i need to Control IT\\

Cuz we in this sh*t together
Yeah we in this sh*t together

I need someone at my back for me
Someone to take my back homie
Someone one on the track, for whenever they attack
So make sure you are packed homie

-you dont get the FINGER FOR NOTHING\\
Talkin your bull, you piece of sh*t B*T*HES ARE BLUSHIN\\
First glance, yeah I know I seem SIMPLE DISGUSTING\\
Brace yourselves mafakkas yo cuz WINTER IS COMING\\

Cuz i've been told, I'm TWO FACED\\
That i've made, a HUGE CHANGE\\
But I feel like, im in a NEW PLACE\\
F**kin posers! Top of the FOOD CHAIN\\
But you're still lookin for the GOLD AND GLITTER\\
While im tagged, with an explicit WARNING STICKER\\
I liquefied the bonds that were FORGED IN LIQOUR\\
Workhorse solitude, ALONE AND BITTER\\

Im doing me now, so NO MORE COMMERCIALS\\
Picked a few friends, im CLOSING THE CIRCLE\\
Clean living, their CHOICE IS THE HERBAL\\
Damien forever, i CALLED IT ETERNAL\\