Snake Eater
I've dreamt of snakes that will RISE IN THE EAST\\
Slithering and conquering, SILENT DISCREET\\
A world in submission, that LIE BY THEIR FEET\\
Cuz ignorance is one of the SIGNS OF DEFEAT\\
And a snake is revealed by the PATTERN IN THEIR MALICE\\
A victim revealed as they're CAPTURED BY THE MADNESS\\
Double crossing backstabbin DRAGON FROM THE ABYSS\\
Im the snake eater motherf**ker SHATTERING THE PALACE\\
I won't be tricked by a MOMENTS FLATTER\\
A deception conjured by some CHOSEN MASTERS\\
The greeting smile, really a CLOAK AND DAGGER\\
Suffocate serpentspawn! yeah i'm CHOKING ADDERS\\
Fearless performer, yeah, i don't carry STAGE FRIGHT\\
Fire burnin RED LIGHT\\ my antidote for SNAKE BITES\\
AIRTIGHT\\ DAMN RIGHT\\ perfected throuh the LATE NIGHTS\\
Among regular sharks im considered as a GREAT WHITE\\

-i've realized i prolly never be a SUPERSTAR\\
But communicate through what the babylon call LOOSER ART\\
-but i am proud as f**k cause i have always USED MY HEART\\
And that fact has led to me accepting who we HUMANS ARE\\
I won't be subdued, FREEDOM IS MY NATURE\\
Make my own luck, theres no NEED FOR ANY PRAYERS\\
Im balanced, as i have SEEN ALL MY FAILURES\\
Uncover the truth, its oral abuse as i PEEL OFF EVERY LAYER\\
-keep your friends close, but your ENEMIES CLOSER\\
Ophidian devourer, my SPECIALTY IS VULTURES\\
Stoned motherf**kers! im the DEATH OF THESE SCULPTURES\\
Brutal display of power, my REMEDY IS VULGAR\\
Most of you motherf**kers, too busy busy with your so called campaign life in the FAST LANE\\
Too blind to see, while LINING THE COCAINE\\ try hard to maintain, drowning in CHAMPAGNE\\
Wake up motherf**ker! what you tryina gain, fame? you're walkin RIGHT THROUGH THE BLAST RANGE\\
Im here killin snakes! BLAM! LIKE I WAS MAX PAYNE\\

We're surrounded by the snakes
From the beginning to the end of our days
Cause you're playing with the stakes
You change your money for a life in a cage