Tough Love
All of you who stood by\\ thank you, and good bye\\
I might've been different, but listen im a good guy\\
All i wanted was - something in return\\
Like all of us - in this selfish world\\

And some of you, even got my best\\
Drained everything, till i had nothing left\\
Rotting flesh\\ cooled down had to catch my breath\\
Backstabbers f**k off, you at the wrong adress\\

Yeah, but now we at crossroads\\
The leeches in my house has just reached a bus load\\
I dont need you b*st*rds, huh i've seen enough hoes\\
You're eating my soul, scram! thats tough love\\

I hate the world, and show that it dont own me\\
To my homies! its not your fault, that im lonely\\
Friendships are sacred, told you they're holy\\
You know who you are my few but true homies\\

Dice, pariah, paddy and obie\\
Crapnek, babba, pauninjo, yoshi\\
Family, friends, the closest of closest\\
The ones still around even when i'm hopeless\\

My love is there eternal, so its needless to say\\
I know its negative yo the image i paint\\
But its necessasary, so you be FEELING MY WAY\\
Im no fake, so its proof im not a signature snake\\

So i hope you believe every breath and EVERY WORD\\
Cuz every truth and little statements MADE ME HURT\\
Im embracing the thought of one day LEAVE THIS EARTH\\
Hopefully its far away, im still a BABY BIRD\\

And a crazy nerd, for still following my dream\\
Make a living of my music, well its still a dream\\
Im not very religious, but i gotta believe in something\\
The sceptic denies god, im all about the real thing\\

So i trust myself, to make the right deciscion\\
Cause music, is currently my religion\\
I breathe dreams, and live on ambitions\\
Spit consciousness as my ammunition\\
Blood, sweat, love, tears\\
Pa**ion, burning, no, fear\\
Clear, mind, cold, stare\\
Fire, into, gold, flare\\

I've put my heart in this, so many hours\\
Rock bottom, everything got sour\\
Denied who i really was, a puny little coward\\
Now i know, i scream it louder and louder\\

Loyal is the bottom line, though i used to be hurtful\\
Gone from angry to balanced, like full circle\\
I've watered my soul, my mind under control
A constant, it also has a name....eternal\\

Yeah, so now you kinda get my point of view
And i dont expect that its something you buy into
But believe me when i say, i would never lie to you
I speak my mind, all the time and thats the truth
So if you have lived through hell, you know i dont overdo
And i hope my words in some way can comfort you
Dont let your dreams ever be un pursuied
The end of something, can mean the beginning of something new