Domestic Abuse
So what?
No reason begging, clenching fists
And fending? (feel tension)
No end in sight no mending to reach
It's not the first time this is all we do together
F**k you, f**k you, f**k you

Sweaty shaking fingers and palms
Can’t unlock the phone
Danger when she lingers in his arms
Not safe in this home, never

No cover, he knows
No sleep when he's close
It's ruthless
Domestic, abusive
Resisting is useless
Theres’s no place to run
Keeping me up at night
Frightened of the next fight

Sweaty shaking fingers and palms
Can't unlock the phone
Danger when she lingers in his arms
Not safe in this home

You wanted a fight, well you caught me in a bad mood
I'm a bad motherf**ker, let nobody pa** through
I fry motherf**kers like slingin' out fast food
“That's not what I meant”
Well nobody asked you
All up in my face with the face that you make, when you try to make me understand what's going on in your brain
Newsflash I'm not the Oracle
But I can get your a** down to the hospital
Because no matter what I do, it's never good enough for you, the kind of motherf**ker label everything impossible
Hollow is the motto, doing everything for dollars let me give you the definition of when something’s really horrible
F**k the past, I’m a man of the moment
But a jealous motherf**ker be like daggers and cloaks
Then Said you had my back when it mattered the most
And Now you wanna see me staggin' all battered and choked
You’re on very thin ice, grab a life jacket
While going down a whole like a white rabbit
When I Hijack it, lightning rapid
You're facing the Atlantic, t**anic
I've had it
Cry havoc
Die tragic
Die tragic