[Verse 1]
Why am I so insecure about myself, about my body, about my health?
And please don't even get me started on my acne
My worries just come at me
My insecurities wanna attack me
I'm guessing they don't want me being any type of happy
Run away from all my flaws, but then they always seem to catch me
They have me, they f**king grab me
And throw me into a mindset of misery, I'm blinded
Of all the beauty that I'll never see in myself
I try to hide it, then I'm reminded
That I'll never be okay with all these thoughts in my head
And I'm trying really hard to get this off of my chest
When it comes to me, I always have to settle for less
And I ain't never gonna fit in with the motherf**king rest
I'm a mess and I'm really stressin, for what?
When I look into the mirror, my mind tells me that I ain't make the cut
And that I'm never enough
Like why my demons gotta make this sh*t tough?
I can't toughen up, and the love, I just f**k it up
And I'm done 'cause I've had enough
And I suck and I'm out of luck
And I'm hugging my pillow 'til I cry out all of my reasons
See a new flaw every day, they wanna change like the seasons
You will never get to see the pain through all of my lesions
Because I've never had the help to pick up all of my pieces
Why is it every time I see myself my confidence decreases?
I wanna be done breathing, I'm heated, I'm f**king leaving, damn (Yeah)

My insecurities, they always seem to worry me
My insecurities, they always seem to bury me
My insecurities, they always seem to worry me
They always take control of me and they just take my soul from me
My insecurities, they always seem to worry me
My insecurities, they always seem to bury me
My insecurities, they always take control of me
They always take control of me, they hurtin' me they holdin' me

[Verse 2]
I think my arms too skinny and I should really work out
And then I cruise the city and I don't wanna go out
'Cause all the girls too pretty and I can't even show out
I reroute to the woods where people aren't so loud
It's empty, never a crowd and I just stare at the clouds
And lay down until the sun drowns into the ground
I hear the sound of the voices in my head
Telling me to go to bed, there isn't much for you ahead, damn
Why am I so insecure?
I'm always feeling like nobody ever puts me first
I feel like it's a curse, my feelings are the worst
It really f**king hurts, just put me in a hearse
I wish that people understood the way I live, it doesn't work like that
Even when I fight back and never win in despite I lack
The strength because I'm light like that
My mind attacks and eats my soul with one bite, damn