​are you okay?
"Are you okay?" thats a question that a lot of people ask
I think its pretty f**king obvious i'm really f**king sad
My bad, I ain't mean to come off as hella rude
My emotions take over and all my thoughts just abuse me, use me
And I hope that you can lose me fore' I lose myself
You ain't the only one thats f**kin with my mental health
I've had too many girls and only cared about themselves
Fake people, fake friends, draggin me through f**kin hell
It's why I never felt thе need to ask for any help
I ain't love a soul and I ain't evеn wanna love myself
And will I ever get better? Guess only time will tell
Cause I've been waiting hella long to prosper from this pain I felt
So when you ask me the question
I hope you cool with the answer and I don't mean to be insensitive but love is a cancer
And I got so many problems but do you care for them
And if your boy was alone, would you be there for him
Cause I've been waiting, I've been waiting so long
To find a place where I can god damn belong
Yeah, I been waiting, I been waiting so long
To find a place where I can god damn belong
"Are you okay," why you wanna know
And you don't really care
You don't give a sh*t about me
Why the f**k you wanna hear
Why shall I express my fear and tears to somebody that ain't even gonna text me in a week
Let alone a year
Mind just drives me crazy, I can't even steer
I might crash eventually
All my friends are enemys
Not one of them can see my pain
Get out whats gotten into me
The question is a mystery and you won't ever solve it
Don't ask if i'm okay when you're the root of all my problems
Yeah, I got it
I've only had myself for years and I ain't gonna stop it
So stop it, stop asking questions
My head is filled with aggresion
The tention and all my blessings don't even exist
I got like way too many issues, it's too long of a list
Hearts been broke so many times, i'm taking too many hits
And I've been staring at my ceiling while i'm clenching my fist
It's like I wanna belong or I don't wanna exist
Like damn