Rat Race
Uhu oh oh
Don't be afraid come along
Enjoy the ride this is your song
A song for everyone
On top you're the one
Caught up in the
About who to love and what to do!
Let down your head
Come on tonight!
Come to a place
Where there is light
Just free yourself
And don't be fooled
Cause we make our own rules in here!

You can't hear cause you're tired of the rat race
We make our own rules in here!
Have no fear now you're in the right place
We make our own rules!
You don't have to fake the feeling
Were all in here to get that feeling
Come on!
Come on scream show us what you're made of!
One two three yell!

The evening light all we ask is trust!
You see the light all we got is us
Its hard for every one
But fun has just begun
Well lose our slavery
We need to be broke like or heart
Hush little girl don't you cry!
That diamond light is in your eyes!
We reach ourselves and let it lose
Cause we make our own rules in here!

I'm coming through like a
Inside a train they get you, they're doing your feet
To worship
Rat race got you chasing all that
For the
I'm so free say you're I do what I want to!
I'm free say your woman now I do what I want to!