[Idle Warship]
Let's go
Look around
I know a girl
Go ahead with your fine a**
Make 'em howl at the moon when she climax
Might need some protection from her dirty mind
Sure they might spill your blood with their dirty wine
Dance floor now covered with the merlot
Man-eater but she might steal your girl though
Ain't no sense in fighting til you like it
Cuause she likes him to be liking
Took a bite of your flesh when she kissed you
Brushed it off like, sorry, I missed you
She keep her claws hidden with a pedicure
You just bought a drink for a natural born predator
But you the one man wolf pack
Take aim at your prey, pull it back
But the bullet gotta be silver
It's like I died and went to Heaven cause her body killer

[Chorus x2]
She'll eat your heart out
And tear you to pieces
You won't know what hit you
No, no, no, the pleasure principle will get you, no
[Michelle Williams]
Katya's got ya
Right where she wants you
Horny and confused
You don't know if you are coming or going
But you like what she's throwing, yeah
She whispers in your ear
She only wants to please you
But you don't know what to do
Your lust gets the best of you
But you know she's trouble cause you've been here before

[Chorus x2]
[Michelle Williams, spoken]
Don't be nervous
Promise I won't hurt you
I only wanna make you feel
Real good
Come here
A little closer
Just a little closer
That's perfect
[Chorus x2]
[Michelle Williams, spoken]
Let me know what the doctor says