The Hustler
[Verse 1]
I’ve got something with me
My soul’s kind of gritty
Now do I lie or run away
Engine, engine number nine you get your way or I’ll get mine
Sure as the sun will shine each day

Just like the apple temptress set in
I win, you’re tackled
Shackles on my feet won’t let me move
Not soft, but supple
Come with all you got, my wings won’t ruffle
Victory is sweet but I ain’t scared to lose

In my house the moon still shines in the day
But there's a lot of old bills I gotta pay
In my house feel free to dance like it's May
But there's a lot of old bills I gotta pay

[Verse 2]
Momma, can you hear me
Papa, I'm sitting pretty
Don’t have to shun my heart this time
I know when it really matters it’ll be me alone
And regrets will be none

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

I’ll be on my own
It don’t matter, I’m grown
I won’t be singing no sad song in the land
And if I rub you wrong, baby, I’ll come on strong
I got no mind to cushion what I say