Extra Kool
Put Your Nylons On
[Kool Keith:]
Let's get this done
Undisputed champ, I'm taking it back to rhyme
Camp, the charter bus expression, quick service
To the session, my occupation is telling rappers
Their reflection, of there expression, they know
The peep talk, you got to step off with a pimp walk
I give them tip talk, they half it up and spit talk
Cough a lot of dust, they spit chalk, who can test
The over ground, go on to the underground, how could
You come down here, back up boy don't you realize you
Got on a wedding night gown, you should break out
Quicker then the speed of sound, you name an m.c
Who went up, I see them come down, with his family
Rocking nylons and tight panties, oh is he little
Orphan Annie, he's the lyrical tranny, hanging out
With his granny, look at the envelope he gave me
What ever he hand me, taking chances m.c.s wearing
Girdles at dances, they know I'm running rapper then

[Hook: ~Extra Kool~]
Put your nylons on, little rappers looking silly
Feeling saucey in a stocking cap, nameless in my
City (2x)

[Extra Kool:]
He got clowned for the creature, and everybody loves
Tickled pink, but he's tasty like cupcakes and vomit
In the kitchen sink, so I guess failure's cool, so
Everybody's got to try it, being underrated is a
Privilege in the mouth of all the lairs, so what's the
Deal pretty boy, I guess I'm the bullet and the sword
I'm cliches and the weak, I'm the memories and the
W****s, I was everything you need, a broken heart of
Custom features, I'm a lullaby kid, the man who brought
You creature, creature, but the life has finally changed
He see's the rappers feeling sick, changing styles like
There panties, but they ain't worth a kiss, so he greets
Them with a wish, leaves them whispering all alone
In the dark running lips, like they don't feel my songs
Extra Kool is too soft, but his stage show is
Special, the way he writes what he says, it's like his
Mouth is comfort dental, but he's black balled now
By the papers and pretenders, by his ex and his city
But his stalker mover to Denver, so now it's bubble gum
Rap for a bubble gum life, spiting candy off the lips
Fingers crossed for a wife, so will the fame find me
Before I'm lost and walking home, before you go and talk
Shhh, put your nylons on...
[Repeat Hook: (2x)]

The name is Time I got a pep in my step, you see dripping
Mics, where I crept and I left, forget being underrated
And or number rated, I fit into a list, I tell the truth, that's
Why I'm hated, I've inspired more diss songs, then we love
Chris songs, but that's okay, cause in my face we get along
People come up to me, they say what's up and give me dap, and
When I turn around, they throw a tomahawk in my back
Then they go home and kick off the pantie-hoes and take
A shower, then go and record a gangster track and give their
Producer flowers, I'm not looking for fame, I'm looking
For a fat wallet, in a city full of quicksand I'm looking
For a path that's solid, I'm gonna be number one, like
Five minus four, forget a key to the village, I'll kick
Down the door, and tag Dirty Lab in a Krylon bomb, cause
Sucker m.c.s rap with nylons on...

[Repeat Hook (2x)]