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Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah
Yeah i got it

Yeah, pressure's on
I said the pressure's on, gotta live on
Gotta make it for the family i've give on
Everything i have to this game
But, i'm trynna cling on
I see my father struggling
And it hurts my pride
I wanna give him the world, but, it's takin' time
And all these feelin's that i'm feelin'
Man, they deep inside
Trynna express 'em but, i just close my eyes
I wish, sometimes i had a little more help
I wish, sometimes i had a little more wealth
I wish, sometimes i had a clone of myself
To help me figure this out
To kill the feelin' of doubt
'Cuz right now, i'm just feelin' tired down
But, i wear my heart upon my sleeve and try to spread it
Everything i earn, all the money i just spend it
Everything i have i just put it back in this
This is all i have, This is all i want
This is what i dream of
Everyday i wake up and try to kill these demons
And everyday i see my
Father's face up in my eyes
Lookin' back up in the eyes
And tells me "we gotta be patient"
To me it doesn't make sense
Why the world is infatuaded with all the fake sh*t
But, the real always lasts in this game
Full of gimmicks i refrain from the critics
And i pray for my image, uhh
Where i wanna be, and who i wanna become
I'm lost, i'm trynna figure it all out at once
I'm trynna figure it all out still
But, i ain't got much time, it's playin' with my mind
Financially i'm down, emotionally i'm down
Physically i'm down, mentally i'm down
And everything about me i just feel it givin' out
I'm trynna balance everything and figure out the sound
But, it storm me off, and it's whammy out
I don't do this for clout, It's not what i'm 'bout
If it is then i'm out
And now these labels approachin' me
With these officie
But, i don't think i'm ready like how i'm supposed to be
Are you ever really ready for it?
But, does it cund and then make you legit?
See this life that i want i didn't seen it
I didn't takin' a glimpse
My life's a movie and i'm starin' in it
And i'm just livin' in it every single day
Trynna make it by, see my mother in the sky
So look up to the sky and close my eyes
I wish you were still here
I wish that you could see a baby-boy and hold 'em dear
I wish that you could tell me all the things i need to hear
'Cuz all of my relationships were sufferin' for years
I really
I wish i had this one woman in my life
Who was there though all the strife
But, the woman that i love has problems of her own
That she gotta deal with
That i'm not in the position to deal with
And i'm not in the position to heal it
I wish i gave you my time, i wish i gave you my heart
I wish i gave you my mind but, i can't
I'm too focused on this dream
But, it's f*ckin' me amentally it's closer than it seems
But, i'm losin' everything and everyone i love between
But, i told myself that i would go and get it any means
'Cuz maverick he won outta here
Turny he won outta here
Tydas sayin' every single you're gonna be hour here
Put on for the city look at everything we started here
But, they ain't care 'bout that
They ain't care to give back
They got me feelin' like quittin' sometimes
But, deep down inside i know that if i quit then i lied
I'd rather die then ever give up on this dream
I'd rather die then ever let you get up in between
'Cuz a man for the grammys is never a plan B
I'm meant for the awards
I'm meant for everything that you have
But, i wanted it more, i want more
I wanted all, i wanted the gold and the tours
I want everything in store, yeah
Everything i'm or
So imma give this game just everything that i have
Will it last forever or will i ever just last?
Shoutin' me in roses and burn my so in the sun
And send me to Olympas when everything is set and done like-

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