Dominic Fike

"This Thing Called Love"

[Chorus: Ben Chandler]
Yeah, this thing called love, I think it's gotten on me
I don’t know what to believe, but I know that I love you
This thing called love, I know I've felt it before
With my lips at yours, I knew this is something more

[Post-Chorus: Ben Chandler]
This thing called love
This thing called love
This thing called love

[Verse: Dominic Fike]
I'm like, "What’s this I'm fallin' in?" (What?)
Ayy, whatchamacallit sh*t (What?)
Still lookin' at me like I must've forgot again
I say, "What do you believe?" (What?)
She say I'm bad with names (Huh, huh)
Like I'm substitute teacher (Yuh)
But I feel it in my bones, in my soul, in my brain (Brain)
Flows with my gold, you my fave
Goals, I'm on froze, can’t move my lips (Nah)
I want yours, ain’t you my sh*t
I got a lady, she love me, I'm crazy about her
Don’t make me go out (What?)
You got some Under Armour n***as who pump
They get around you, I just stay around you
I'm takin' you out like I'm datin’ you (Datin' you)
Makin' you look like an idiot (Faggot)
Pop off on n***as, I'm jumpin', I'm buckin'
I just popped a pill like I'm feelin' sick (Pop)
I just topped [?], I'm on 75 (Skrrt)
[?] treatin' me like I ain't [?] (Huh, huh, huh)
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