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Screwston, Tx
Mo City Don
RIP DJ Screw
King Troop, Almighty

[Verse 1: King Troopa]
(Uh!) Everybody go through hard times, it's not about what you go through but how you handle it to get from the bottom
I used my mind to make it out they look at what I got and wanna count up my money but never the problems, that come with it
They wasn’t with me, but stagnant, my time goes out to those who struggle and witness
I ain't friendly, gone head envy, I barely talk to people or gossip because I'm mindin’ my business
A lot of folks act like they care about you, only hit you when they need somebody, the block sowed up my mind frame
I rather vibe alone in peace and stack bread than deal with fakes I've outgrown people times changed
I'm into financial stability too many bad vibrations'll jeopardize my spiritual growth
Accomplished more by myself than in a group, less known path, ended down South collaborated with Ro

[Verse 2: Z-Ro]
(Uh!) Stop f*ckin' with me I don't f*ck with none of y'all, y'all should already know that
And I ain’t tryna shake nobody hand either so if you extendin’ that hoe you better take that hoe back
Even though I'm a rapper I don’t f*ck with none of these rappers all I'm tryna do is make a toe tag
And if I had one wish it would be for me to love again I promise my heart so black
I remember when we used to be homies, we ain't homies no more, all that friendly sh*t can walk up out the door
We used to get money together but now we enemies forever never thought we'd fall out behind a hoe
You runnin’ with them f*ck n*ggas I can see them busters comin', oh well I guess it's time for me to go
RIP to the real n*gga you used to be a Sad' but I guess somebody gotta be a hoe

[Verse 2: King Troopa]
The people who close to me they be dyin' I'm a.. loner.. Skeletons, demons, death as I creep around the.. corner..
Say I'm dangerous cause I take risks and move how I wanna, tunnel vision never small talk cause I'm on a..
Mission.. for the future while I'm existin', 'xiety takin' over my mind and intuition
Cause I don't know the due date of death I'm not tryna vision, plus livin' in the past is depression I'm reminiscin'
It's really wicked what the past and the future produce, feelin' emptiness and pain, taking now for granted
It's peace in the present I depleted my energy tryna motivate the planet, understand it
Was thinkin' they concerned for my health, showed they true colors so I helped myself and focused on my wealth
Out of sight and out of mind, don't try to walk up in my shoes or be my friend, play the sideline and watch my steps

[Verse 2: Z-Ro]
I don't love these n*ggas, I don't love these b*tches, I just love myself
Cause he don't really give a f*ck, she don't really give a f*ck, and I don't really give a f*ck myself
And I ain't trippin' on these b*tches cause I got so many b*tches homie I ain't gotta touch myself
And I'm a one-man gang don't need nobody to help me f*ck it up I f*ck it up myself
Anyone I show love to they done f*cked over me n*gga so I don't let people get close to me n*gga
Even when it's fake as f*ck outside, I still got on my real sh*t hell yeah that's how it's supposed to be n*gga
b*tch I been mean-muggin' 41 years I ain't tryna say sh*t, give a damn if you spoke to me n*gga
I wish a muthaf*cka would, you can say what you wanna say about me long as you know it ain't no hoe in me n*gga

[Verse 3: King Troopa]
Born alone, you die alone, ain't trippin' about people comin' and goin', selfish, they change over
Growin' up from an infant the love was strong for the people who breathin' but now that I'm older my heart colder
I understand now, I ain't come to make friends don't care if they respect me or like me for me I got enough
I know who I am, I know what I'm bringin' to the table if you can't match what I'm bringin' well then we can't discuss
Nowadays instead of meetin' you directly they go through your friends or your family members to get to you
You'll mess around and end up in a ditch, wit'cho people right next to you or standin' with them cause they was cool
Be cautious in the street boys movin' too clever, regular n*ggas they be scared of death it's whatever
I never hesitate other n*ggas they gotta think about it, I rather be doin' fed time than get caught without it
I rather be filled with inner peace than be filled with malice, they sendin' threats like they finna touch me but I rather doubt it
The law of nature, the ones who be deepest they compensate for they weakest and the weakest they usually be the loudest
Look at my demeanor, most people see your happiness and wanna take it away either come correct or get chin-checked
Check on the strong minded I got so much bottled up inside cause all my problems I bench press I been stressed
Remember back when I needed rides, no one would take me to see my grandma and dead family at the cemetery
Now that I'm rollin', no one on my passenger got that nine never scary I'm legendary it's necessary
We can't get close, a lot of folks claim they was down but really they was only confirming I am alone
Cause it was said but never shown, they looked at me crazy while I was grindin' but now I'm on, the vision known

[Verse 3: Z-Ro]
Good weed, good drank, big money mane.. And you can't get none of mine I'm not a dummy mane
Whether sunny or grey, I'm gon ball n' parlay
I never give a f*ck what y'all say, I'm One Deep every day all day
And I don't need no help my n*gga, I can do bad by myself my n*gga
And every trophy I was One Deep when I put them b*tches on my shelf my n*gga
I'm goin' straight I don't care where you fellas goin' I ain't gone make that right I ain't gone make that left my n*gga
They say this about me, they say that about me, yea but they forgot to say I'm blessed my n*gga
And even though this sh*t is hard, I will never turn on God we are solid 'til I meet my death my n*gga (uh..)

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