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"Big Tyme (Original Version)"

I make big money
I make big money
(Yeah just what I do, know what I'm sayin'?)
I make big money
I make big money
Big Maj in the muthaf**kin' house
Check it

[Verse 1: Stretch]
Pull a card, here comes the Squad
Sure to bomb, never lost when I’ve sparred
It's hard 'cause I’m God!
And comes off the top
Don’t they know a n***a got flavor
Mad 'cause I’m sharp as a razor
Buckin' when I’m walkin', always tryna take a n***as f**king picture
Embarrassed when my lawyers gettin' with ya
I’m larger then life, rather jumbo
The thuggadon n***as, got incredible dope flow
I remain smooth, cops can’t find no evidence
So I’ll just laugh, look at my f**king dead presidents
Sending me decoys with marked money frontin' yo
What you need G? Nah, I ain't got nuttin'
I say “Give up ya gun”
Is what I tell 'em then I step
Wouldn’t be top dog if I was one who slept
So show respect
I’m beyond that, livin’ like Trump
The only difference is a n***a’s never in a slump
Tax-free is what it be G
Stacking while I’m macking
The Squad is Big Time if you wanna be exactin’
Dealin’ with keys, you see these on the mad tip
Act like you want it and we’ll have to just wreck sh*t
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