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"Funky Freestyles"

[Verse 1: Debbie Deb]
I hope you can feel the texture, dyslexia
That I can wreck, so I can enter
[?] like a pencil, the mic is my utensil
[?] potent like [?] fundamental
f**k yo' visions as
I gotta vision sitting in the tavern
Check out the pattern of a cabbage
Isn't it deep like my father's
Measure the laughter and joy I brought him easily
A piece of paper isn't anything to me
I paint a quick picture that I can give to ya
It's Debbie but Deb is my alias
Takes more than one to prevail again uh
Lyrical substance for a [?] of a percussion
Check out the [?] flow that I'm bustin'
But only temperamental if ya fed up get up
While you're up there pass me the pen
So I can Etch-a-Sketch and show ya how a real woman
Starts progress haha

[2Pac & Money B]
That's Deb called freak[?]
Yo girl (You feel me? You heard me)
That sh*t was real dope
Tu' wasn't that sh*t dope?
That was pretty buggin', [?] pretty dope, you got it
Yo Del, what's up with that?
Oh, you want me to do it?
I know you can free'

[Verse 2: Money B]
Yo' mic passed, at last, the freaky dog is next up
And money down 'til the mics completely sexed up
And f**ked up if I'ma say so on the blunt tip
Licking MCs like fat juicy c**t lips
Girls I wanna do ya, wo wo wo and all that
I'm killing ya dead but ya crawl back for more
But I don’t want ya, I let the rest get ya
Come on girlfriend, I'm just messing wit' ya
You know I'll never wear you out like a velcro mustache
Especially when you're giving up nuff ass
And it don't stop on 2Pac and Del

[2Pac & Money B]
Ayy yo Del tryna hide in the back though mon
Yo Del, yo Del get on up here man
(You feel me? You heard me)
Yo Del do something anticipate

[Del the Funky Homosapien]
D-E-L the funky human being, that is human being to the ones that need awakening
I can flex funk on the floor and make 'em furious
It might be intimidating 'til a certain point, don't worry it's cool
Gaffling your wits, [?] you tricks
'Cause I'ma make suck-ass do the splits
That's why [?] the floor like a chorus line
As I prepare to drop a gorgeous rhyme
With a pretty presentation, placed with a purpose
A shade of green and crazy Del's on the scene
To leaning the strike of perpetrators
Fakes and frauds, while the audience applauds
They get enthusiastic, when I use the drastic measures
To keep the thieves out the treasures
I can kick a freestyle and recollect the segment
Like a movie, and I still sound groovy

[2Pac & Money B]
Right men down
Stop f**king around up there
Yo Tu' you sound fuller than 'em
Bust it

[Verse 3: 2Pac]
Ayy yo leave me the f**k alone, you gets none of this
It's suicidal, you lose your title like Doug-las
I'm nothin' nice and, I'm icin' like Tyson
I'm grippin' the mic and my DJ is slicin'
I'm tired of motherf**kers steppin' to me with the same old game though
Tryin' to play me out like Nintendo
How the f**k you think I ever got this far?
By bootin' motherf**kers like a shootin' star
'Cause I'm out to show that I'm a dope MC
You think crack had you fiendin', wait'll they get a load of me
n***as on my d**k like a motherf**kin' condom
b*t*hes wanna flip, let 'em step, and I'll bomb 'em
And it just don't stop
'Cause I got Debbie Deb in the house and we will drop
All competitors (Yo Deb) hunt ya ass like a predator, b*t*h

[Verse 4: Debbie Deb]
Spin the wheel of fortune, for a fortune
Of prolific paranormal positivity
With the swift gift so witness the finesse word
Too many females tryna be harder then
I pull up on the scene like I'm [?]
Bustin' [?]

[2Pac, Yo-Yo & Money B]Ayy yo yo yo, hold up, hold up
Chill, chill
You don't wanna f**k with us all day like that
We know you got it yo
Save time for next track
(You feel me? You heard me?)
The [?] don't know the women are definitely in here (Big D, Big D)
We outtie
Lench Mob in the house (Lench Mob [?])
Get of my dizzanizanizaniz Hah ha ha ha ha

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