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Nadia Rose

"Fire In The Booth"

[Intro: Charlie Sloth, Nadia Rose]
Ah man, it's got to that all important time of the show once again
My favourite part of the show, who dat, Fire In The Booth
And tonight we bring you something that I know you're gonna enjoy
Nadia Rose in the building, woo, ready for this?
Come on, stay ready
You know what time it is when you hear this right?
Yeah, na-na-na
Hold tight Bamz on the riddim
There's like a likkle reverb on me, is that?

Yeah that's for you, I done that for you Nadia
Yeah? Alright, say no more
Ay let's get them

[Verse 1]
Rizla sheet and I season that
The feds see me but ain't seizing that
Uh, big whip, you affi lean in that
You know, Fat Joe how I'm leaning back
Ooh, you know we came to f*ck up a party right?
Nobody f*ck up the part vibes
Morning time or any time of night
What, we do it right
[?] similar, true
When I step I can't be looking like you
Ooh, green in my pocket, ain't no Callaloo
Mm, bad on your road, bad on your avenue
Yeah, you must be mad
You couldn't ever come against Nadz
If it's beef you better hold me back
Bad on your street, bad on your cul de sac b*tch
You're talking money but you owe me that sh*t
The money come, the money reach
The money have feet? Where the money there?
I don't wanna repeat but where the money there?
I ain't seen you in weeks so where the money there?
In my jeans where I need this bread
Ina my genes how I got this flair
This ain't a game, na I'm not playing fair
I know the address and I'll be coming there
Okay, ride around the way
Rolling with my homies and we roll like erry day
Yeah, you know, a b*tch like me, I've gotta go and get it, gotta get it no delay
No delay, no delay, beat the trial and bust the case
Oof, I might bust it in your face
Yeah, if you know it then you know
Mm, it's easy when you're getting hard dough
I do this so naturally
Yeah, dem girl there no match for me
Highly flammable still, I'm a cannibal ill
Eating rappers for pack lunch, bars
They pack a punch like Guinness
Flows and lyrics, [?] so f*ckboys
Cop the whip and cop the crib and plush toys
Yeah I'm fancy now
Got my foot in the game and came a long way from the hand-me-downs
Body and the shape too [?]
You know who it is when you see the two buns
Must see Nadz, you must seem mad
Tryna come against me but - na na na na
Speaking of monkeys yeah I like the di*k swinging
Love when the coochie wet so I can dip in it
Ooh, bust nuts and I bust guts
Coming for me or you're c*mming for me b*tch, what one?
Look I'm tryna know, so I know if you can roll or get rolled on
Wait a minute, hold on, are you tryna roll or get rolled on?
Charlie I'm tryna know something
Are they tryna roll or get rolled on?
Let's get 'em
Yo, I'm tryna know, are you tryna roll or get...
Yo, check it, uh, I need tip top, back shots, spin it back round
Never flip flops, stiff c*ck, need it right now
Pop puss, [?]
Try it back from the back but -
Yo, again, tip top, back shots, spin it back
Never flip flops, stiff c*ck, needing that
Pop puss, [?], are you feeling that?
Yeah you're f*cking with the nina, na na
I'ma bad b*tch not an average, I'm savage
If I throw it back, you can't catch this
No way, you know me I'm a madness
I'm mad rich, cannot fit these P's in a bag b*tch
No these P's is overflowing
The weed is overgrowing
Oh please, I know you noticed the steeze
Yeah, I'm in your dreams
You cannot focus, you're pleading
And you're hoping, you're keen just to get closer to me
'Cause the swagger's on a different level bae
And my dawgs dem is a different pedigree
You're barking mad and you're way out of your territory
Cannot come for me
But all your b*tches they c*m for me
Do this so comfortably
Do this with ease
I've got the codes, I've got the keys
The Locksmith
Usually I don't but I got time so watch this
Hit them with a f*ckery flow, they can't function
Never opting out of the game
I need this one, that one, don't forget those
No ordinary flows, keep you on your tippy toes
No ordinary shows, this a movie-o
Tarantino, [?] never
What, everyting Gucci though
Big purse, big back, phat coochie-o
Ooh, make it buss on a regular
Can't ring my cellular
Airplane mode, know I'm a jet-setter

[Interlude: Charlie Sloth, Nadia Rose]
Yeah, come on, Nadia Rose you know
Woo, I feel like I have to take my jacket off, you're getting me hot in here, woo
Warming, warming
Warming, flows for days out here girl
Come on, likkle fun
Having fun with it as well, I see you smiling with it
It's a must
It's a must, you gonna get them again?
Oh of course, of course, let's go
Yeah, more fire, na na na

Yeah hold tight Ryder on the riddim, mm, yeah

[Verse 2]

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