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Nadia Rose

"Cresceno Freestyle"

Uh, mum from Ghana, dad from yard
Croydon girl, I'm straight out' the hood
Mum say plantain, dad say plant'in
Either way take banana good
'Bout the label ting, stirring up the game on a label ting
Listen, Dominique upon the table ting
Dead your Pro Tools or your Ableton
Gimme any of those
See them girls just semi on smoke
This Nadz not Demi Rose
Blacked out, blacked out, blacker than
Rucksack packed out, pack it with mazza
[?] or them girl get dreg up
Wasn't suicide how them girl get hang up
[?] panty how them girl get wet up, wet up, wet up
I'm a ten out of ten, make him lift the antenna
Brown skin ting like Brenda or Br3nya
My chargie, that's my [?]
Warred them once, I hope they remember
Clit drencher and big d**k detector
Warred them once and don't you forget
[?] but cold as December
They wanna know where the mixtape
f**king with me, that's a mistake
Wet up a girl, that's a p*sstake
Watch how my arm and my wrist ache
This ain't a game, it's far from Nintendo
Might be the AM, still with the skeng doe
Might be the PM, still with your BM
Your ting loud but mine on crescendo
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